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  • Nearly Three of Four Louisiana Voters Favor Medical Marijuana

    The Louisiana Cannabis Association recently commissioned a poll by JMC Enterprises, revealing that a full 72% of Louisiana voters favor allowing marijuana in Louisiana. The poll also revealed that only 13% of Louisianans oppose medical marijuana, with 20% remaining undecided. Support for medical marijuana also cuts across political, gender and racial lines. 70% of Democrats and 67% of Republicans are in support of medical marijuana, 75% of male voters and 69% of female voters are in favor, and 69% of African-Americans and 72% of whites support medical marijuana in Louisiana.

    Key findings of the poll are:

    1. Louisianans overwhelmingly support allowing patients with serious diseases such as cancer and AIDS to receive medical marijuana. 72% agree that medical marijuana should be available for these patients and only 13% oppose such usage. The remaining 15% are undecided.
    2. The acceptance of marijuana for medical use has wide bipartisan support. 70% of Democrats and 67% of Republicans are in favor. Support for marijuana also crosses gender and racial lines, with 75% of male voters, and 69% of female voters in favor.
    3. 37% favor expanding sanctions to include recreational use along with medical use. 37% favor sanctioning marijuana only for medical use and 20% oppose sanctions for any form of marijuana.

    “The poll demonstrates widespread endorsement of medical marijuana among Louisiana citizens,” said Jesse McCormick of the Louisiana Cannabis Association. “Increasingly, the old stereotypes of marijuana as an evil drug are being replaced by a more enlightened view. People accept medical evidence that shows the many therapeutic benefits of cannabis.”

    These results came just days after a bill to extend the use of medical marijuana to those with serious medical conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, seizure disorders, and epilepsy passed through the Louisiana State Senate. The bill, SB 271, has since been referred to the House Health and Welfare Committee.

    Among those not fully in favor of allowing medical marijuana, only 13 percent of voters outright oppose such a move, with the remaining 15 percent undecided on the issue.

    To download a PDF of the Poll Summary, click the link below:

    LCA Medical Marijuana Poll Summary