Louisiana Cannabis Association

Cultivation, Commerce, and Care

Member Benefits

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

Ralph Marston


When you become a member of the Louisiana Cannabis Association, you join an organization at the forefront of a medical and economic force that will impact Louisiana for decades to come.

Medical cannabis has been proven to help patients with a number of debilitating conditions. LCA is able to pool the resources of individual citizens as well as those of businesses, professional firms and other organizations to make a meaningful impact in promoting greater acceptance and use of medical marijuana and production of industrial hemp.

Members not only help improve the lives of others, they can also improve their own lives by being on the leading edge of a tremendous economic opportunity. The Louisiana Cannabis Association provides its members with the most current news regarding legislation, emerging trends and changing attitudes regarding medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit or are simply looking for new opportunities for your existing business, there is no better time to join LCA. We provide our members early industry intelligence as well as networking opportunities with like-minded people. Thus, LCA membership can reveal possibilities not easily found in these hectic times.

We have three different levels of membership, each designed to meet the specific needs of our members:

Professional Membership

For banks, lawyer firms, accounting firms and other commercial entities with an interest in supporting a strong cannabis industry in Louisiana.

Annual Dues: $1,000.00

Advocate Membership

For potential patients, their family members, and other advocates who want to further the cause and economic viability of medical cannabis and hemp.

Annual Dues: $50.00

Basic Membership

For individual members who seek a more limited involvement with LCA. This membership is ideal for young professionals and students.

Annual Dues: $25.00